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I'm Andy Ward, a web developer / designer from Wales. I currently work for Inside Online where I am usually found designing and developing conversion focused Wordpress sites. Previously, I worked for Psycle Interactive where I worked on projects for the likes of Google, ESPN, Nokia and many other household name brands. I my spare time I like to dabble with premium Wordpress and Twitter Bootstrap themes.

WordPress User Roles, Custom Compatabilities and Custom Admin Features

For a system I was buliding recently I needed to be able to allow accounts to be created with a custom role, Limit the custom role to only be able to see a custom post type, Stop users with the custom role being able to see other peoples posts when they log in and finally, stopping users with the custom role being taken to the profile page by default. I didn't want the profile to be visible to these users. This is how I did it.... Read more


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Promoter is a simple, single page landing page designed to make it easy to promote anything with a minimum on setup time. Simply drop in your images and content and you have an effective landing page ready to go.

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